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Ежедневно нашей системой производится двойное резервирование данных внутри сервера и на удаленный. Мы не тарифицируем трафик для клиентов виртуального хостинга, поэтому он по-праву считается безлимитным.

Каждый желающий может бесплатно пользоваться всеми возможностями нашего хостинга в течении 7-ми дней. Каждый клиент нашего хостинга имеет бесплатную возможность создать сайт в премиальном конструкторе. В любой день года наш круглосуточный центр поддержки готов ответить по всем представленным средствам связи. Виртуальный сервер обеспечивается доступом с правами root, что дает широкие возможности настроек.

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Услуга позволяет установить любое нужное ПО, начиная от ОС и заканчивая вспомогательными сервисами. Аппаратная виртуализация KVM жестко разграничивает ресурсы между клиентами и исключает оверселлинг. Возможность использовать наш надежный сервис управления DNS, не настраивая его на собственном серверe.

Услуга обеспечивает самый широкий выбор предустановленного ПО из всех существующих хостинг услуг. Registration Forgot password? Website builder Only 5 steps to own site Website templates Ready design solutions for the site CMS licenses Licenses of popular CMS and hosting as a gift Turnkey website The development of a unique website by the hands of professionals.

All certificate types Delivery from 1 min to 5 days. Increased level of trust With domain verification Delivery for mins. Medium level of trust With company verification Delivery for days. Hostinger International Ltd. Они сделают всё возможное, чтобы ответить на ваши вопросы!

Обновите тарифный план сейчас и получите специальное предложение. Не хочется обновлять тарифный план? Вы можете оставлять свои вопросы на форуме сообщества webhost. Наши услуги используют 18, клиентов со всего мира! Главная Папка H Hostinger. Какие у Вас гарантии возврата денег? You may check public reviews for details.

Community based support is provided instantly and is held on webhost community forum.

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Simply sign up and dive into web hosting technology absolutely for free! Будьте первыми! Никто еще не написал обзор. This should fix the problem. Problem occurs when site builder cannot create FTP account when opening builder from cPanel. To fix this problem you need to ensure that you have not exceeded limit of FTP accounts in your cPanel account.

Delete unused FTP accounts. There may be old FTP accounts left which were created by builder and not used anymore they are of type "a1b2c3d4 yoursite. As soon as you have space for at least one FTP account the website publication should work. Without it publication may not always work. To solve this issue call this command: Take the following steps to fix this problem: Login to cPanel server per SSH; 2.

If you want to delete this file though cPanel file manager initially you may not see files starting with ". To fix this click button "Settings" in top right corner of file manager page and check option "Show hidden files dotfiles ".

Delete FTP accounts of type "a1b2c3d4 domain. Login to WHM; 2. Find customer with problem on "List accounts" page; 3. The reason of this error is that your builder domain is not working. Once you configure DNS for builder domain and domain starts working this error should go away. Even if DNS is already propagated and builder domain is working it may not be resolved on your cPanel server due to some reason for example server has not gotten new DNS configuration yet.

Please refer this topic to enable FTP passive mode on cPanel: Response Code cPanel This error can occur due to one of the following reasons: If you use nginx server for builder then make sure that all required rewrite rules are set in nginx configuration for builder. Wrong builder plugin is installed. If you have multiple Site.

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You need to re-install plugin on cPanel using plugin installation guide link from a correct license. Builder domain has changed. If you changed builder domain when builder plugin was already installed on cPanel then this error can occur.

Re-install builder plugin to fix this problem so that cPanel gets new builder domain from Site. Builder domain is locally resolved to incorrect IP. As a result builder plugin API call fails. Make sure that builder domain on your cPanel server is resolved to a correct IP address. Permission denied" Plesk The problem should be solved with plugin re-installation.

To fix this log in to Plesk as admin. Edit service plan which is used by current website. Select tab "Hosting Parameters". To solve this problem please re-install the plugin on your Plesk server downloading new plugin from your license which you use on Site.

It will return back your icon and title and the plugin overwriting should never happen again.

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Please note that this action is absolutely safe — it will not affect clients websites. Login keys functionality is turned off in DirectAdmin. It has to be enabled by running a command on server specified in plugin installation guide. If the problem persists after enabling login keys try to re-install the plugin.

Please try to create login key manually: Save the file. After that if everything is succeeded then publishing to this server should start working.

Make sure that IP of used builder server is not blacklisted in DirectAdmin. Make sure that IP is not listed in list of blocked IPs in file: PHP 5.

You can use PHP 5. Make sure that PHP extension "curl" is turned on.

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If it is included then delete it from there and restart server. After that open builder from ISPmanager again and try to publish website.

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In case if ISPmanager is running under a different port than default - please, check if the proxy is switched on for images. Apparently, the address of the builder icon is without portso the image cannot be found. If the logo of the website builder does not appear, it is necessary to check its source in the developer tools URL.

If it is without any port, try to add port to the URL for example: If the picture opens, in this case the problem is as described above. This error is usually thrown when no or incorrect username or password is specified in admin area for a customer in WHMCS.

Username and password should be the same which customer uses to login to his cPanel account.

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It includes some features and many fixes. You can find more details on update here: This error can be thrown when incorrect username or password is specified in admin area for a customer in WHMCS. Username and password should be the same which customer uses to login to his account in hosting panel. Username and password should be the same which customer uses to login to his DirectAdmin account.

Yes, that is correct. The builder module does not have output in admin area therefore built-in WHMCS message "There is no admin output for this module" is displayed.

The module only adds button "Open Site Builder" or "Open [your-builder-name]" in client area to each product details page of hosting type. Please log in to some WHMCS client, open details of some hosting service and you will see this button in the right side menu box.

Unfortunately currently we have no technical opportunities to restore sites for Premium customers. Auto Backup of Builder Files is available only in Enterprise builder brand. To avoid such situations in the future — download website to your computer before editing to restore it later. Press Save Draft constantly. In order to migrate from Premium builder license to Enterprise brand you need to take the following steps:. Create Enterprise brand in Site.

Setup builder domain and install builder using Builder installation guide from Enterprise brand or direct link. Contact us in the ticket and inform us that you want to migrate to Enterprise brand.