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Один сервер Два сервера Три сервера Четыре сервера Пять серверов. Total for payment. I agree to the Terms of Service. I agree to the Acceptable Usage Policy. Before the 15th of a month you be charged for the current month only. Сейчас 11 число. Canada Location Specifications.

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Location Description. Dedicated server rental. Own equipment and ip networks in the Fiord data center, Moscow Description, characteristics and specifications of all locations, as well as other information can be found on wiki. Services in the Russian segment are calculated at the rate of All services provided by our company can only be used for legitimate purposes.

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The following illegal actions are prohibited: Destructive actions: Dissemination, transfer, storage, publication and display of child pornography. In addition, any activity that can be used as a precursor to attempts to enter the system for example, port scanning, "stealth" scanning or other information gathering. Activities allowed in some locations. Torrents are allowed in a number of locations, under the condition that the contentious issues on complaints are resolved.

Music and online video sites if they can partially violate copyright are allowed in a number of locations, provided that illegal materials are removed on request from the copyright holders.

VPN, proxy, and similar services except for personal use are allowed only if their customers are not anonymous, and upon request from the competent authorities, their full requisites personal data, payment details, IP-addresses, etc.

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Hosting providers resellers. The requirements are the same as for public VPN services. Order of new services and privacy. The test period for VDS 24 hours. Test access is only for testing the service, but not free use. Payment and disabling of services. Paid services for the Client can be turned off if there are any other overdue unpaid bills.

Cancellation of Services. Refund for the "Virtual Server" Services is possible during the first 24 hours. Legal Entities. The conclusion of a written contract, drawn up on paper, is a prerequisite for cooperation. Scans of documents invoices, acts are downloaded automatically in the Client Area.

Technical support and administration. We do not provide a backup by default. Client Obligations. Claims to the server configuration. Email [ Forgot? Forgot password? Subaccount authorization.

Account type: Private SP Company. Company details Title: Business address: Actual address: Post address: Current account: Corresponding account: Get maximum functionalities with Minecraft based plans like: Advanced Performance, ample Speed, maximum cntrol and more.

Fundamentals, Certification and Certification.

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