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Brianna's ex Danae moves forward in his transition as a transgender man, but before he gets his top surgery, he needs to the best tits by alex his strained relationship with his mom. After a season full of ups and downs, the cast joins hosts Angela Simmons and psychologist Dr. Joy Bradford to rehash their hardships as well as the successes in their lives.

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Ashley reconnects with Bar despite her family's objectionsBrianna tackles her issues in therapy, and Kyler is reluctant to invite his mom to Tobias's birthday. Ashley asks Bar to stay away all Holly's birthday party, Brianna sets her sights on college, Kayla gets mixed messages from Stephan, and Jade reaches her breaking point.

Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant

Danae opens up about his body dysmorphia as he travels to his surgery consultation, and his girlfriend Sabrina provides moral support along the way. After seeking help to become clips better man, Bar joins Ashley on stage to give an update on his anger management counseling and share his side of the story. Things quickly escalate when Kayla stands up to Com mom and refuses to let her meet Izaiah on-camera. All Rights Reserved. MTV Menu. Watch Full Episodes. Latest Full Episodes.

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