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Awesome mami

Tita Che is scheduled to arrive in less than two days, Jose is working from home just in case and I am just so excited! I know how lucky I am that my mother is only less than two hours away from me by plane but she has been awesome hours away when we lived in Tokyo and 22 hours away when we lived in Singapore.

My mother had never traveled alone until I became a mother and she said she put all her fears aside for me because she knew I needed her.

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When you are a mother, you appreciate your own mother like no other time before. She welcomes me by making me the best Entomatadas ever! And she welcomes my siblings with their own special meals. She is so discreet.

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A true lady. She has more energy than any mom I have ever met. At 56, she puts me to shame with all she manages at home and at work. Sometimes in pumps!

Awesome Mami

My mother taught us not to judge anyone, to try to walk in mami shoes instead. What a gift! My mom has also been here for my deliveries, she does not julie cash big tits to travel much, and I appreciate that she mami also left her fears to be here awesome me, that is something very hard to do.