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With the introduction of the Flow Hive, there is no need to purchase expensive honey extraction equipment. Hobby beekeepers, with a little effort, can have their fresh honey for family and friends. Backyard veggie gardens will benefit from increased pollination resulting in more sustainable living.

Coramba Apiculture has put together this list of the most commonly asked questions about responsible backyard beekeeping. If someone in your family or a near neighbour suffers from severe allergic reactions to bee venom or is anaphylacticit would be wise to give backyard beekeeping a miss or find a more suitable location.

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Backyard beekeeping is safe provided you follow a few simple rules. A few puffs of smoke before opening your hive and during the inspection ensures that your bees remain calm and manageable.

We prefer the fantastic Australian made Beeco smokers. Some sort of basic protective clothing is essential, particularly for beginners to ensure that backyard beekeeping is safe. I prefer a half jacket with an attached veil combined with long pants and enclosed footwear. Most beekeepers have a set of gloves to prevent stings to the hands.

Married fuck for money are not necessary. Ensure that you purchase beekeepers gloves made from thin goatskin leather. Your gloves should have a snug fit so that beeg can feel what beeg are doing.

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