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Is it really possible to use an easy pick lotto ticket to win the Powerball?

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On the flip side if you answered no to the proposed question than you are also correct. Now wait, before you brush me off bijik stop reading this article kelentit least give me a chance to explain myself.

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As you already know winning the Powerball is a huge undertaking. On a slow week the jackpot starts at 20 million dollars. With that much money at stake a simple yes and no answer is impossible, when it comes to winning with a computer generated number.

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Both of these two facts are of equal importance and determine your chances of winning. Lets not forget winning is everything am I correct?

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Fact 1 Computer Generated Numbers that only contain single digit numbers are virtually worthless. Winning Powerball numbers contain a range of numbers some playbirds porn which are single digits but never just single digits.

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If you purchase a computer pick and just single digits are displayed you can kelentit it in the trash. Well maybe throwing your ticket in the trash can is a bit extreme, but just do not to expect to win with that ticket. Fact 2 Computer generated numbers that contain solely bijik range numbers such as 10,12,15,18 will not win you the Powerball.

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