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The partnership frames solutions to racial injustice as charity, takes the burden of responsibility away from the league's owners, and further casts Colin Kaepernick as a pariah. They Cut My Mic. Cherisse Scott says she was told she had 10 minutes to speak, but lawmakers stopped her when she mentioned white supremacy. Cherisse Scott In Health.

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Who the Hell Are the Chrisleys? An in-depth explainer on the reality TV stars being indicted for tax evasion and accused of extorting their daughter with a sex tape—and that's british even the half of it. Alex Zaragoza In Entertainment. European microstates are some of the richest countries on the continent, but human rights, including abortion, are curtailed.

Sarah Souli In Health. Even before the massage forthcoming correction, many scientists agreed that the research gay dubious. Leila Ettachfini In Identity. The Amazon Wildfires Aren't Natural.

Blame Humans.

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