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Get low, low low! Because she has more control of how deep and how fast, more couples are finding this twist on doggy style is the best sex position ever.

What is CamelCase or CamelStyle?

At this angle, every thrust rubs all the right places. If you want to be able to give any woman mind blowing, toe curling orgasms on demand, read this NOW!! How to do it Camel Style: Guide yourself into her vagina as you bring her hips down, until her thighs and buttocks touch her heels. Raise yourself until the angle of your penis is downward toward her belly button.

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Hot Hint: You will feel them undulate and contract camelstyle your shaft when she climaxes, particularly when in tight positions like Camel Style with her feet together. To get daughter gets fucked, penetrate slowly to begin camelstyle limit your thrusts so that only the first inch or two or your cock is inside her.

What is CamelCase or CamelStyle? • Vertex Academy

She can stay still and let you have full control camelstyle the movement. You can hold onto her hips for leverage, or even camelstyle her body back to meet yours. How to give any woman a g-spot orgasm.