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Cameron diaz in stockings

One day things were normal and good, and then suddenly pantyhose were public enemy No.

Cameron Diaz says life begins at 40... and judging by these stunning photos who are we to argue?

Have you noticed? With that in mind, here are some recent pantyhose happenings that are getting my attention:. Probably stockings biggest reason that pantyhose diaz once again in mainstream consciousness is the vast and ever-growing number of Hollywood actresses, entertainers and pop stars wearing during their performances. I am so proud of the many veteran celebs who never left, or have now come cameron to pantyhose.

A young, rising star, Selena Gomez has the class and professionalism to wear pantyhose on stage.

Cameron Diaz in Tights | actresses | Cameron diaz, Beverly hills, Tights

Sorry, Faith. Again, she must have seen herself on TV or someone told her how awful her legs looked. Now, she wears pantyhose and looks sooooo much better.

sparkled big ass

Good call.