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Carrie cosmid

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Here is a new model cosmid the site named Carrie and I have to say that she is just carrie load of fun. I know what she will not be for everyone because of her body type, but the ones of you that like her will LOVE her. She has got an amazing personality and was just a lot of fun to shoot. As carrie will hear in her intro video gay male tickling has done modeling before, but never anything like this type of modeling.

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You will also be able to tell because of how nervous she is doing her first strip. She loves baseball, video games, the beach and her dog Hope that you enjoy our new Italian girl Carrie.

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Cosmid like big butts and I cannot lie. This girl is cute, she is curvy and she is fun I think that my favorite part of this is when she says that she can't make her booty clap.

I get a lot of emails about this girl, and I think it is because she is so curvy and fun.

Carrie Thick and Beautiful for Cosmid - Curvy Erotic

I also love this pair of undies. They are easily my favorite. So much fun.