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Whatever he does Koons sparks the debates and there are always controversies of some kind regarding his artistry. The explicit pornographic imagery of the series brings a modern tale of Adam and Eve with Jeff Koons and his future bride Ilona Staller, better known as the soft-porn star La Cicciolina, in the main roles.

If you want to know how expensive cicciolina actually is you should definitely check the complete history of Jeff Koons artwork sales at auctions.

Koons wanted to celebrate the acceptance of oneself and keisha grey dvd also engage in a dialogue with the art history, referencing sex baroque and sex aesthetics and works of Bernini, Fragonard, Boucher and modern masters like Manet and Courbet. However, these references were completely overshadowed by the cicciolina of the work and controversies that followed.

The www freeporn movies series comprised of photographs printed on canvas, and later on the same imagery was explored through sculptural works, all of them celebrations of one of the shortest love stories in contemporary art history. During the custody disputes, Koons destroyed many of the artworks from the series as Illona thought they were too pornographic.

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However, to the delight of the collectors many of these pieces survived and now it is time to see how well they were accepted at the art market. Therefore, we sex bringing you the list of 7 most expensive Made in Heaven pieces, finishing our list with the most expensive cicciolina, just to keep you interested until the very end. Therefore, we recommend…. Jeff Koons: