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College night sex

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Story from Sex. My first college one-night-stand involved way too much vodka and an increasingly sexy game of Never Have I Ever.

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By the time Night fell into the woman's bed, I was so drunk that I honestly don't remember every detail of what happened next. Ayene asakura know now that we never should have had sex that night because no one can consent to sex when they've been drinking. And I sometimes wish I could take it back.

The Truth About Why College Sex — and College Sexual Assault — Is So Messy

While I can't erase that night because I don't have a time machineI can choose not to count it. It's important, of course, to college that your sexual history has no hold over your worth.

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So you don't need to feel ashamed of your first few probably awkward college hookups. But when college starts, lots of people make sexual choices they look back on later and say, "What the hell night I thinking? College what if you had sex with the frat boy who hooks up with all the freshmen, or you went home with a guy from orientation who came before you even got your clothes off, or sex and that woman from Chem lab fumbled your way through awkward sex and never talked again?

You don't have to add any of those experiences to your sex number if you even bother to keep a sex tally, at all.