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Diaper fag

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

If they do we might just keep you in them. He switched off the TV, bringing the hypnotic patterns to an end, and crouched down lovingly bringing us almost diaper to nose, before kissing mine and ruffling my hair.

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Joy swirled over me, fag I babbled with a blush, noticing I was now dribbling down my chin. This was diaper, like my emotions were reacting out of sync with my thought process.

I felt far more babyish with him here. I tried to speak up and ask what was going on.

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I needed an explanation, to know what time, or most terrifyingly to contemplate, what day it was. I wanted to think I was overreacting, disorientated from the hypnosis, that Daddy could old cunt solo me in one swoop.

Diaper fag

My speech was gone. Daddy just laughed and tickled my thigh as he carried on, lifting my shirt a little to get a good look at my diaper, before sliding his thick index and middle fingers inside the leg-guard to check how wet I was. I was the infant here and earlier it took me less than a minute fag know I was wet!