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Disposable diapers free a mom's best friend and one of the Earth's worst enemies. According to the Clean Air Council, Americans throw away 49 million diapers per day, accounting for two percent of all garbage generated in the U. And the simple of act of making a disposable diaper releases dioxin into the environment, a toxin that has been linked to cancer and found to pose a threat to developing fetuses.

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Along with the environmental impact, disposable diapers are believed to pose a danger to baby's health. Many brands contain chlorine, a harsh chemical that can cause skin irritations and rash.

China reap sex also shows that if a person is exposed to it over long periods of time, chlorine can lead to cancer. Disposable diapers also contain latex, perfumes, and dyes that can trigger allergic reactions.

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A study by the University of Kiel indicated that the reduced diaper of disposables may create a raised temperature inside the video that is unhealthy for male babies. And many experts believe the stay-dry comfort of disposables makes it harder to potty train toddlers. And let's not forget the cost: