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TORONTO — An ancient Egyptian coffin with strange and amateurish decorations has been revealed, booty light erotic videos softcore a tumultuous period in Egyptian history when the Persian Empire was in control of the region.

In B. The Persian Empire was a vast entity that stretched from modern-day Afghanistan to the west coast of Turkey.

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Ancient texts say that the Persian kings booty Egyptian artists and used them for building projects in Persia. The coffin bears a series of unusual features that are likely related to the Persian Empire's deportation of artists. There seems to have been a dearth of masters for some time, so that fewer and fewer artists got proper training," Gayle Gibson, an Egyptologist and educator egyptian Toronto's Royal Ontario Museum, told Live Science in an email.

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There are several odd features on the coffin that reflect the lack of knowledge the ancient artist had, Gibson said. For instance, the egyptian is depicted lying on a funerary bed, and the bed has a human-headed bird called a Ba. Flying over the deceased is a winged snake wearing a crown associated with the goddess Hathor.

Below them are four jars bearing the heads of the four Sons of Horus, but the jars have a "goofy" appearance, Gibson said.

2,400-Year-Old Coffin's 'Odd' Art Hints at Ancient Egypt's Brain Drain

To an Egyptologist, this is a bizarre scene, Gibson said. There are other oddities. The collar wrapped around the top of the coffin contains two creatures that look almost fishlike.

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