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Most people who visit the gym have sex on their minds: Survey

You are not alone. According to a new survey, most of the people who hit the gym have sex on their minds. The findings revealed that while half of the participants used the gym as a hook-up venue, a quarter of them admitted to having sex sex the health facility, fusion.

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The findings showed that about 25 percent of participants admitted to having had sex at judy white porn gyms at some point during their membership. Also read: Early sex puts teenagers at high infection risk.

According to an Independent report, nearly 70 percent of women admitted to fantasising about their personal trainer during sex.

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The atmosphere at the gym also inspired some people to use online dating, with 82 percent saying they had used such apps at the trainer. Lovemaking gets more passionate after childbirth: There is some science to it, too. According to previous studies, exercise spikes levels of serotonin fitness dopamine chemicals.