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Foot fetish domination

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Domination Kendra Spade loves a good bitch that worships the ground she walks on and will do anything to lick her soles clean. Her well-trained doormat lives for feet especially if fetish are a bit stinky from wearing and walking in high heels all day long.

New Goddess Dani Skyli has a delicious big feet and obeys Olavo to smell and to lick them a lot.

Foot Fetish Domination

He does a great job as always. One way to please Princess Chloe is by taking her entire foot down your throat and choking on her divine toes. Anytime her doormat disobeys and tries to complain a quick, sharp shock to his collar puts him immediately back in place. Nothing like putting the fear of god into a slave eyes to make them do anything and everything to fetish your feet.

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Featuring Halle Von domestic servitude, foot slave, foot worship, feet, foot fetish, bare feet, foot massage, men following orders. Lurina bound her slave to the bed.


He was a bad slave the last days and need a lesson in obey. She tease him with her pantyhosed feet on his foot and he can nothing do against this.

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Lurina get more and more fun by see him helpless and start to jerk his dick. He seems to enjoy this and Lurina begin to tickle him while she jerk him.

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He become more and more horny and our little mistress put his best friend between her soft soles and give him a foot. Every time it looks like that he enjoy the situation, she tickle him young asian bdsm bring him down domination.