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Hepburn was sold hot hermaphrodite the movie's movi — she's the dainty, glamorous one with the macho boyfriend James Garner.

But it's MacLaine who stands out, as the determined bachelorette forced to face a few things she's been hiding from herself. Buy, rent or watch 'The Children's Hour'.

The 50 best gay movies – the most essential LGBT+ films ever made

He brings with him a script, a revenge fantasy loosely based on their abuse by a priest at school. This is a heart-melting romantic classic from Swedish director Lukas Moodysson. Gay film that movi less like a two-dimensional experience and more like living someone else's life for 89 minutes, 'Show Me Love' is one of the all-time great teen dramas, exploding with life, insight gay warmth. This aching, passionate and sex-heavy French film's two young stars shared the Cannes Film Festival's top prize, the Palme d'Or, with its writer-director Abdellatif Kechiche inand rightly so.

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Kechiche traces the details and movements of their relationship with forensic attention, including the sex — dividing opinion on whether he's deeply empathetic or exploitative. Whatever your take, it's hard to deny the power of his portrait of falling in love — time itself seems to stop in scenes of the pair's early courtship.

Buy, rent or watch 'Blue is the Warmest Colour'. Dee Rees's Brooklyn-set feature is the story of butch African-American lesbian teenager Alike Adepero Oduye as she tries to deal with feelings that increasingly put her at odds with her family check out her mother's aghast response to things like Alike's preference for boys' underwear.

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The influence of religion in the family's life is also crucial — though that nice new girl at church hot exactly turn out to be the straight-and-narrow influence Mom had in mind. Expanded from a hot film with the help of executive producer Spike Lee. Buy, rent or watch 'Pariah'. As its title suggests, Pier Paolo Pasolini's fable has the formal rigour of an experiment.