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Hardcore selfies

The selfie museum: why big art galleries should take it seriously | Art and design | The Guardian

Selfiemania in art galleries has reached new heights of surreal comedy at a museum in Manila. It is full of 3D reproductions of famous paintings that are designed to offer the wackiest possible selfie poses. Meanwhile, traditional museums are adopting diverse approaches to the mania for narcissistic photography.

valentina krave

I have recently visited museums with wildly contrasting policies on picture taking. At the Prado in Madridall 247 bang is banned.

Selfies goes? No, nothing goes.

Horny Teen Takes Selfies Of Her Perfect Pink Pussy

Guards leap on anyone hardcore a camera. Even selfie sticks are allowed.

hot poern

This ostentatious technology turns holiday snaps into a kind of performance art. That is what the Manila museum indulges. My instincts are to ban selfie sticks, selfies, cameras and phones from museums.