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Officers Roderick Moore, 29, who had been an employee since Apriland Allan Harris, 23, three employee since Julyquit Monday, said department spokesman Jim Ewell.

Officer Tommy Randy, 23, little big league gay had been with the department since Septemberresigned Sunday, Ewell said. Ewell said it was not clear how many women were involved or whether the officers initiated sex.

Three jailers implicated in jailhouse sex resign

He said there was no indication any crimes had been committed. He said the district attorney's office had not been asked to investigate. Jailhouse department rules, had they not resigned, the officers faced penalties ranging from a letter of reprimand to dismissal.

A year-old inmate being held on drug charges said she had sex fuck Moore and Rand, Ewell said. In statements to authorities, Moore said he had sex with only that woman, Harris said he had been involved with eight female prisoners since Julyand Rand said he had been involved sexually with four female inmates since AugustEwell said.

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These officers just took advantage of them. UPI Archives. Head chef of renown Manhattan restaurant found dead. Woman fishing in New York state reels in trout with two mouths.