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Jappanese love story

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Michael McKean draws on his acting credits to share his best Hollywood stories as he plays our game of "Role the Dice. Watch now.

Japanese love story 216

Lieutenant Mordaunt and his little sweetheart, Yum Yum, jappanese many pleasant hours in the story of the Rising Sun. So winning are the ways of the little Japanese maiden, that Jack Tar falls very, very deeply in love with her.

When love enters all else is forgotten, and thus, when the time for the departure of the fleet arrives, the lieutenant awakens to find that it was all a dream, and that it is now time to be up and doing and leave his little sweetheart behind him.

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The fleet returns to port, and Mordaunt goes home to his people. Staying at the house are three of his cousins, who greet him boisterously, for being female cousins, they look forward to jolly times with the breezy sailor.

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Mordaunt's thoughts still turn to the land of the Love Sun and to his little best spanking vids far across the ocean.

To their great disappointment, the cousins find a great change in their once cheerful playmate. In place of the breezy sailor man is a poor love-sick swain, who can do naught else but sigh the Written by Moving Picture World synopsis.