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Jiggly boobs

Developers at Epic Games are now removing the so-called "boob physics" in a bid to appease furious gamers — but not everyone is happy about the decision.

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Yesterday, Epic Games released its highly anticipated Season 6 update for Fortnite to players around the world. The update included a brand new character skin a type of virtual appearance and outfit jiggly Calamity. The character is dressed black girls white slave tube a cowboy hat, denim shorts and a white tank top — but gamers quickly noticed something strange.

Fortnite’s jiggly BOOBS binned after upset fans moaned about game’s ‘breast physics’

But some angry gamers say the breasts were jiggling jiggly, moving around in an boobs way. When game designers create virtual characters, they can choose how much or boobs little of jiggly character can move. Typically joints and the head will almost always be animated, but for games with simple graphics, it's simply not worth the time bothering to animate clothing or hair. Breasts will often be skipped over too, because all animation requires extra development effort — and puts more strain on your computer's processor.

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But someone at Fortnite decided it was worth the effort to animate the Calamity character's breasts using the Unreal Engine 4 engine used to build the game. Many gamers simply didn't see it as an issue, and wondered why boobs was kicking up a fuss. One Fortnite fan wrote on Twitter: Another said: What's up?