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September 28, Mindful One Meditation.

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Join me for this powerful fall reset! Establish where you are on your journey in this life as you gain clarity about your hearts desires and greater purpose.

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In this workshop you will be guided through a powerful jodi setting process and discussion about your self journey, passion and purpose. We will then learn about the tradition of the Mala beads and how you can west meditation into your life to help continue the vibration of your intentions and rise up your best version EVERYDAY. Let the yoga vibration win!

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For thousands of years, mala beads have been used as a tool for yogis and meditators to help keep their minds focused during meditation. Join us as we learn about the tradition behind the mala beads as a tool and how we can modernize this ancient tool and use it in our everyday practice. She is a former classical ballet dancer with over 15 years of dedicated yoga practice and pilates experience to her name.

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