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Leap year sex scene

Leap Year has too much sex for moviegoers - Reuters

While the romance is not what you would recommend for your danni kalifornia Christian children, the movie does honor the institution of marriage and opposes sex outside of marriage. Anna wants to get married and thinks Jeremy is about to propose, but sex he gives her diamond earrings and flies off to a convention in Ireland. Amy learns of an old Irish tradition that women can propose to men on February 29 which only comes on leap years.

She flies to Ireland to propose to Jeremy. Circumstances result in the only ride available being from Declan Matthew Goode the handsome young owner of a struggling pub. As can be anticipated leap fight like cats and dogs but wind up falling in love.

Nude scenes in Leap Year

Obviously, this classic conflict and its resolution provide ample opportunity for comedy and romance. Amy Adams and Matthew Goode pull it off very well. One refreshing scene features an innkeeper who only wants to rent rooms to married couples. Thankfully, the police did not come arrest them for a hate crime or even discrimination.

The result is that the couple that actually dislikes each other at that year must share a small bedroom with one double bed. There is no sex shown or implied in the scene, but they do come to appreciate each other scene while at the inn.

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Trying to avoid a hailstorm, the couple crashes a wedding. The comedy at the wedding includes some heavy drinking to the point of throwing up.

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