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So my sister Roya is currently in California to attend some conferences on Iranian culture at Irvine university as part of her PhD.

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She has been sharing some of her journey with an amazing lady called Jane, an American who is a research associate at S. S in London and whose specialism is Iranian culture and its musical traditions.

Her husband Leonard was an author, lecturer and specialist in Persian literature and Sufism.

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Leonard Lewisohn unexpectedly passed away on the 6th of August, having spent the day happily on a hike with a fellow Forouhar master in San Francisco. His caught on camera naked Jane is due to speak at Irvine next week.

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As a member of what is fashionably called the diaspora, I would like to thank the people who help conserve, preserve and document the histories and cultures of all the differing creatures of our planet.

Here is a link that Roya sent me earlier.

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Farsi is a complex language and it is humbling to know that such leila learnt it to be able to better understand the poetries of our mysticism naked philosophies.

Thank you Jane and Leonard Lewisohn.