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Lindsy lohan sex scene

Lindsay Lohan's Racy 'Canyons' Sex Scenes May Be 'Leaked' Online | Radar Online

We know money is tight, Lindsay, but really? Surely you scene do better than that… especially since its the first movie that you take your clothes off in. It would probably cost Beyonce at least a million bucks to do the same thing. Give yourself a little dignity, gurl!

Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen shoot sex scene in new movie

New York Times writer Stephen Rodrickwho had complete access to director Paul Schrader before and during filming, revealed that Lohan would get the small per-day salary for filming the low-budget movie and equal share of the profits. Read More From Heavy.

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Lohan reportedly threw a tantrum lindsy locked herself inside of a closet before stripping off deep hand sex clothes to film the scene and made the director shed off his clothes as well to feel more comfortable.

One night before a 6 a. Apparently, LiLo also drove home from the set drunk after cast mates pleaded for her not sex drive. She was, understandably, drinking before her sex scene.

Lindsay Lohan's Racy 'Canyons' Sex Scenes May Be 'Leaked' Online

Though, Lindsay is denying that she got behind the lohan drunk. Views 0 Shares. By Kevin Genovario. Updated Jan 11, at 5: