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Some stories may have darker elements with non-consensual sex, but with romance the overriding theme.

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Latest story at the top. The final leg of his journey presents him with the start of a new journey, mature he discovers that all the magic isn't confined to the Magic Kingdom.

Erotic Count: July 14 Lord Richard Ashcroft, a wealthy industrialist, likes to have erotic with young girls, but misses the love of a woman.

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When he meets a willing twelve-year-old girl who happens to have a mother who understands and embraces his compulsion, he feels his life is complete. June 23 Mackenzie Brown MF, Mg 12, oral, anal, con, mature.

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Appearances can sometimes be deceptive as Steve found out. June 9 A Young Girl Mf 14, oral, con, short. Todd, meets a young girl in a coffee shop who has an unusual request.

June 2 Nick North and his daughter Faith shoot videos of weddings and birthday parties, but when he is approached by a woman with a special request it leads ngentot down a road he never would have thought he would take and his daughter comes along for the ride.