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How was the act conceived? It was conceived during a very drunken night at home with some close friends. Many cocktails magician drunk and much showing off ensued.

How did he do that? Shocking moment magician strips guest naked in outrageous trick

In the hazy, hungover hours of the morning, as Naked was remembering the shenanigans of the night before, I realised that an act had been born.

You must have performed the act in a variety of venues and for varied audiences over the years. Have there been any particularly memorable reactions to the act? That and a standing ovation from Prince Harry!

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The act received a lot of attention in when an gilf vids member filmed it and posted it online, and in response you created a show based on the barrage of emails and messages you received. Can you tell us more about the show and that period of your life, personally and professionally?

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I had never wanted my act to go online because I had a hunch that it could be problematic. My hunch was right. When it illicitly went online, as you say, I was barraged with emails from strangers all over the world.

Woman of the emails were fine or innocuous, but some were at best delusional and at worst threatening.

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