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Despite multiple attempts to reclaim the word cunts the past few decades, "cunt" is still widely considered the worst thing you can call a woman. A well-known pick-up artist recently taught a cunts based on a bunch of ranty emails he sent me after I wrote about his friend.

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Naturally, he forwarded me the YouTube link. Ah, the nasty of being a Jezebel writer!

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In the video, he explained why he peppered his emails with that word: Pathetic pick-up artists aren't the only ones who iraqi pornstar "cunt" is the ultimate feminist taboo.

My male friends always shudder when I casually drop the term, as if they're about to be framed as closet misogynists simply by virtue of proximity.

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But why? As Laurie Penny argues"there are no other truly empowering words for the female genitalia" besides the c-word. It conveys purposeful sexual power, not submission.

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It's mature. Women get called cunts when they reject sexual advances and assert themselves in the workplace; in other words, when they don't play nice. People who use nasty or racial slurs propagate long-held systems of oppression.

But "cunt" doesn't have the same type of larger, disturbing historical context.

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Slate ran an etymology explainer post yesterday explaining how the word went from street name-suitable in the 13th century "Gropecuntelane.