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Or sign in with one of these services. Casting arm pain is a great topic that resonates with so many people! Because not only am I a hand therapist the doctor diagnoses it and we fix itbut a hand therapist who lives to fish, and a fishing crazy hand therapist specializing in elbow through hand injury and pain who has had tennis elbow it really sucks I would love to expand on the original Casting Arm Pain post.

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I have to shout out a big thank pornstar glasses to Crestliner who started the original post. Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis in the medical world, is outer elbow and top of your forearm pain that pain from repetive motion, and is aggravated by repetitive motion.

Specifically, the muscles that extend straighten your wrist and fingers arise from the bony prominance on the outside of your elbow no, not your funnybone, casting more up and outside. This is the area that becomes inflammed and painful when you have this condition. Once you have this tendonitis, evey rtime you extend your wrist or pick something up, those muscles are going to activate and pull from that sore spot.

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I probably nicola holt video a hundred people a year with this pain, it's so common, but so hard to get rid of. Generally, it requires all of the tools in the tools box to fix it. So here are my top eight tools to cope with it

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