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Parker leverage nude

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My favorite new character on television this season is Parker from Leverage. Normally, this would be for superficial reasons.

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You know, because she possesses certain feminine assets that appeal to my personal masculine tastes. While I find parker absolutely adorable, my like for Parker extends beyond her physical appearance to her overall character. Her sly, unassuming grin reveals the innate knowledge of leverage skilled larcenist. She has an uncanny ability to adapt on the fly and is rarely nude in the face of pressure.

Leverage’s Parker and the little naked man

I mean if moms cuckold profession of choice is thief, nerves of steel would seem to be a prerequisite. Parker is damn good at what she does and she knows it. A confident confidence woman is cool indeed. To pull off this seemingly impossible crime all she needed was the following:. How can you not love Parker? She might steal too much of my attention.