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I've watched a lot of porn, my friends.

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Now, I've posted about this before but I'm going to bring it up again because it was posted a while ago. There were two guys pornal and the bottom looked so sad, like he was about to cry or something.

Not from pain, but you could tell he did not want to be there. And for some reason, you could hear the director in the background, with his nasaly, annoying voice, throwing out commands for the poor guy to do.

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Oh my fuckin' lord! It pornal like those commercials with the starving kids man cunt breeders the third world countries just looking up at the camera. Or that goddamn ad with the abandoned pets and that Pornal McLachlan song playing. Everytime I see that commercial, I change the channel, but when I switch the TV back, thinking the thing's over, it's still on with some close up shot of a one-eyed puppy.

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I couldn't handle another second of that video. It was the worst "serious" porn I'd ever seen. In other news, I was talking to my friend Tony on the phone about him picking up something from my apartment.

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