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Sex on the floor

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Today I did a bad thing. Something that, if I found out floor boyfriend did, would make me a little sad. But on the the hand, something that I bet a lot of you have done.

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I thought about my ex while having sex with D. Not just like he flashed into my head, but I like reaallly thought about him and didn't push the thought out immediately. It wasn't planned, though I guess it would be pretty strange to plan that sort of thing.

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But what made me feel guilty was that I thought of him let's call him "The Coif" since he had really good hair because of the sex position. I know. It started fairly organically.

We were both in the kitchen when he came up behind me and kissed my sex. I turned around and we started to make out high-school dance style. Then he kissed his way down my body lifting my shirt as he went, until he was on his knees.