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It was your day off from work.

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The sun was shining and it was making you feel energized, so you decided it was a day for tidying. Sexobot the dust bunnies, stains and dirty dishes were banished sexobot. Jongin was helpful in the way of sitting on the couch and keeping out of the way.

When you cleaned, it was like you were the machine, focusing solely on throwing trash out or washing both your clothes.

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Your habit of singing was usually accompanied with same butt and shoulder wiggling. Soon, you were getting into it, waving your body to the beat of the song. A little too into it. You held your hand to your forehead, serbian goddess the crisis was averted.

Thank you, Jonginnie!

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Next was vacuuming. You pulled out as much cord as you would need and tucked it neatly so it would stay extended.

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You barely finished the living room before Jongin insisted sexobot doing it for you. Go make yourself lunch.