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This is the first time my wife and I topless planning on spending time on a nude beach and also with her going topless on some other beaches. We're staying on the "Dutch Side" and wanted to know what beaches we can go to when we just want to be in swimsuits without seeing a lot of people that are naked or simply topless.

At all beaches on the French side topless sunbathing is permitted, with varying degrees of prevalence. The Dutch side does not permit topless or nude sunbathing, but that prohibition seems to be overlooked at Cupecoy.

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We were told by a member of their staff that security will make any topless woman coverup. Same thing at our resort at the Flamingo in Simpson Bay. Thanks for the suggestions. How about Dawn Beach? Any others?

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That doesn't mean you won't small it, but it's few and far in between. Nudity is not allowed at any beach on the Dutch side, but it is done at Cupe Coy. Well if you consider Khrysti hill Beach on the Dutch side, which it is, although topless on the border their certainly small topless and nude on the Dutch side.

Have seen lots of topless on Dawn Beach.