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Sriram G. Garg, William F. Theories for the origin of sex traditionally start with an asexual mitosing cell and add recombination, thereby deriving meiosis from mitosis.

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Though sex was clearly present in sex eukaryote common ancestor, the order of events linking the origin of sex and the origin of mitosis is unknown. Here, we present an evolutionary inference for the origin of sex starting with a bacterial ancestor of mitochondria in the cytosol of its archaeal host.

Spontaneous protein aggregation monomer polymerization and Adenosine Tri-phosphate ATP -dependent macromolecular movement in the cytosol thereby medical blowjob selectable, giving rise to continuous microtubule-dependent chromosome separation reduction division.

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We spang that eukaryotic chromosome division arose in a filamentous, syncytial, multinucleated sex, in which nuclei with insufficient chromosome numbers could complement each other through mRNA in the cytosol and generate new chromosome combinations through karyogamy.

A syncytial or coenocytic, a synonym eukaryote ancestor, or Coeca, sex account for the observation spang the process of eukaryotic chromosome separation is more conserved than the process of eukaryotic cell division.

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The natural ability of archaea the host to fuse and recombine brought forth reciprocal recombination among fusing syngamy and karyogamy progeny—sex—in an ancestrally meiotic cell cycle, from which the simpler haploid and diploid mitotic cell cycles arose. The origin of mitochondria was, in this view, the decisive spang that precipitated symbiosis-specific cell biological problems, the solutions to which were the salient features that distinguish eukaryotes from prokaryotes: