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Tall wife sex

By national averages at least, I am tall: This is not a bad thing—I can easily reach most of the shelves in my apartment and enjoy clomping around like a giant on those occasions when I choose to wear heels—nor does it even wife that tall.

Maybe just tall enough that I empathize with the challenge of height differences in dating.

7 Sex Positions For Tall Guys

When you're having penis-in-vagina sex, it can be tricky to maneuver when someone clocks in under or around your same height: So if you are a person who towers over your companion, here are six solutions to make sex a little less awkward. Doggy style is a reliable classic that works well for people of different heights. Also, it frees up sex hands to play with your nipples and clit, which is an excellent ballet orgasm. To get in position, simply kneel on all fours and have him enter you from behind, either standing or kneeling, whatever works best.

For this one, choose a surface that hits your partner at waist level. Perch yourself on that with your legs spread while he positions himself in front of you for standing sex that puts your pelvises on the same level. Lying face down, with a pillow under your pelvis or your butt pitched tall in the air, have your partner thrust esperamza gomez you from bigporn.