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Two minutes? Today was Sunday, like always, it was a day at home, and especially in bed. Shawn had spent the night at home, which he had been doing for a long time now, but his girlfriend and him used to always be together since their apartments were stuck tight teen sex. It was tori black honeymoon eleven o'clock and Shawn had just emerged from tenderbabes deep sleep while she had been getting up for over twenty minutes now.

His girlfriend, Cassie, had time tenderbabes brush her teeth, tie her hair and heat the water for the coffee.

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Then she finally found her beautiful boyfriend in bed, shirtless and with the blanket just covering his lower body. And yes, he was fit and sexy. She could stay for hours watching him sleep. She decided to sat on him slowly and began to kiss the top of his broad chest before tenderbabes up to the hollow of his neck and finally on his face taking care to not touch his lips.

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Usually, it was him who woke her up this way so for once, he was going to be entitled to her unusual tenderness. He slowly tenderbabes from his sleep and grabbed her hips with his hands to caress them. She wore only a slightly transparent black nightie and a matching tanga, and he obviously took the opportunity to put his hands under the nightie.

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He tenderbabes every part of her bare body he could while having a smirk on his face.