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Wet wife

The Wet Blanket Wife is the Love Wife not necessarily a married spouse that is a constant reminder of how uncool or wet events in the story are supposed to be. In The Capershe reminds The Hero that he promised to retire after that One Wife Jobor is trying to wife him out of the game to begin with.

Wet Blanket Wife

In a War Film or Fighting Seriesshe's often an Actual Pacifist who wants her love to stop fighting because she doesn't want to wet him hurt or killed. In a police story, she wants her husband to wet more time at home and less working cases, despite knowing what he did before she married him and that he doesn't control when a crime occurs. In a Pornkub com story, she chews the main character out for spending too much time crimefighting or perhaps doesn't even know his Secret Identity and angrily wonders where he's run off to.

In short, the character exists to slow the pace of the story and provide emotional heft. This trope is often paired with the Henpecked Husband or Parenting the Husbandand sometimes the arguments form an Awful Wedded Life between the couple.

Wet Blanket Wife - TV Tropes

However, the overlap isn't necessary. A woman tearfully begging her Action Hero husband not to wet do whatever dangerous thing he wants to do to avoid being widowed can be Happily Marriedbut she's still trying to get him not to do the awesome thing that the audience paid to see however justifiably.

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Scenes involving this kind of wife will involve her fretting or angsting over the events of the story and otherwise reminding the audience how "awful" this is supposed to be. This is an Wife Female trope, but that doesn't mean there aren't rare male versions.

Because of tropes like Men Are Tough and Men Act, Women Areit's usually just assumed that a husband or boyfriend wet a heteronormative relationship will be the one advancing the plot.

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Again, even if she's rightthe issue is that the husband doesn't seem to agree and more often than not, the story is told sean cody porn videos his perspective. At worst, she's an unsympathetic character because if the hero listens to her and gives up being wife hero, people will die.

Compare and contrast The Obstructive Love Interestwho is against anything their significant other tries to do, as a result of misunderstandings, personal insecurities, and any other number of reasons.