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Whitt cosmid

So cosmid last time I took a trip to the Carolina's to shoot Tessa I shemale self facial at a Mall and there was a glamor shots place in it.

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It is a cheesy little store that people go in and take pictures of their kids and dogs And this girl was walking out of it. I asked if I could see the pics she took and was blown away She is amazing and I hope that she follows through and we get photos soon Well guess what.

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I think that you will. Yes, I am still going through the hard drives and seeing what slipped through the cracks and I was happy to find that I had whitt set of Whitt Here is Whitt in a nice pink bikini looking hot.

Whitt Bubbly Blonde

Both Whitt and Tara go through their bags looking for what they can wear for the next shoot cosmid get each others opinion on what looks good and doesn't. If you ask me I think just about everything looks good whitt these 2 hotties. Here is a new video that I forgot that I had with Whitt and Tara in the kitchen playing around with a nice bottle of oil.

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