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Wife strokes

Stroke is one of the leading causes of death, takingU. When the brain is deprived of oxygen and nutrients through a blocked or burst artery during a stroke, brain cells begin dying off within minutes, causing a range of functional and cognitive impairments.

As soon as a patient arrives to the emergency department at UCI Medical Center with symptoms of a stroke, a coordinated team of neurologistsstroke wife, emergency physicians and nurses start an assessment.

There is life after stroke

We offer every resource available so that our patients can achieve the best possible recovery. Shafie says the most difficult aspect of stroke is for the patient having to come to terms with a new reality that may include serious deficits. Picture the frustration of not being able to lift a glass of water to drink, of lacking the fine-motor skills to hold a pen, or being unable to communicate your feelings and needs to others. Rehabilitation therapy can be very successful in helping stroke sufferers recover much of their lost physical and cognitive function.

Maximum recovery from stroke occurs strokes the first three to six months, so treatment should be started as soon as possible — usually well before a patient leaves the hospital.

The physiatrist and stroke team work together to determine the best therapy for each patient. Emotional and physical health of stroke patients are inseparable and are therefore addressed in unison.

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Nearly half of all stroke victims battle depressionwhich is associated with poor functional outcomes. While hospitalized wife UCI Health, each strokes patient is tamil sexy by speech therapists for cognitive function and by social workers for depression and anxiety.