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Everyone loves to play games; chess, checkers, pool, and of course sex games.

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Malena likes to add a little anal play to her sex fantasy game. She wants you to catch her by the tail and see how perfect her pussy art is. Otto huge fake boobs movies waiting patiently for his French lover to come visit him.

He met her when travelling Europe and has not been able to stop thinking about her. She is coming to stay anal him for awhile and he knows how much she loves wine… and anal sex.

He prepares a romantic dinner at home for her arrival. But when Tiffany walks in, all it takes is one glass of wine before the sparks start flying.

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She really loves it! Maybe it is the French girl in her that is sexually adventurous but she swears by how good it really feels. Do you ever wish that your girlfriend was wicked hot in bed?

What if she looked and acted like a gorgeous angel, and fucked like your favorite porn star?